Maintenance Corner

  • Maintenance Corner – 01/07/2023
    Optima Mid Last time out at Mendip, I pulled the lower steering hub king pin screw out with a glance along the straight barrier. Again. Looks like this casting is a bit Dairylea. Yeah Racing do a CNC aluminium replacement. Nobody had stock of just this part, but it is included in a kit of … Read more
  • Maintenance Corner 08/06/2023
    B6.4d The main whip came back from Mendip caked in a nasty coat of black fine dirt and sand 🙁 The box seems free and smooth still, so a full gearbox rebuild wasn’t needed, but the shocks and suspension needed some attention. I’ve made a short wheelbase mod to the rear lower arms that was … Read more
  • Maintenance Corner
    I intend being on the right tyres on Sunday. 5 sets glued and Balanced last night.
  • Maintenance Corner
    2 days of work on Bodyshells. Yesterday I started on the original Associated shell. I did it in a bit of a rush, and experimented with waterslide decals under the paint. This method works, but you have to plan it very carefully, and you can’t rush it. The black stripe on the nose was a … Read more
  • Maintenance Corner
    Gentle chilled day with only a few minor fixes and touches to the Mardave today. 1st, I made a spare Deans charging lead out of an old banana plug lead I wasn’t using and a leftover part I had. Second, the Front End was => 5mm ride height, which aparently on stilts for a Mardave, … Read more
  • Motor burn out explained..
  • New Blingy Bits for the B6.4
    Got a few bits of bling for the B6.4, thanks to John at RC Octane for getting hold of these difficult parts. First, JConcepts rear diffuser, interesting, don’t know how much difference it will make, but It can’t hurt. Anything for a bit more downforce and grip at the back. I finally managed to … Read more
  • How do you fit these Tyres?
    Having a go with Proline Prism Tyres for the next round on carpet. Luckily, before I got the glue out, I noticed they are asymettrical, so there is a right and a wrong way of mounting them.
  • Ello John Got a New Motor?
    At the last Mendip meeting, I was finding that even the 7.5 was kicking out way too much power for a 2wd to stay controllable in wet or greasy conditions. So, I’ve scaled it back somewhat and got myself a new 10.5t Surpass Rocket V5R. I’m a big fan of the Surpass motors. The are … Read more
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