Maintenance Corner – 4th & 5th October

Maintenance Corner – 4th & 5th October

I took a look at the B6.4d after quite a hefty, and annoyingly soggy Summer season. And quite a lot needed doing before starting the Winter Season this weekend at Cardiff.

So that meant an 80% strip down. As I have the time, and the settings are going to be so radically different for Cardiff, it was worth doing.

The aim for the carpet setup was low, stiff, high roll centers. Basically get it as close to an on road setup as it would allow. I was impressed how well the B74 took to this kind of setup at Caldi, so worth a shot on the B6.4.

Thankfully, the B74.2 needed much less. Thanks to Mr.Finch, I’ve got a set of roll bars now, which seem very important on the 4wd. So they got bolted on.

So that was basically two days of work. But nice to get it all done so I can put the two best cars on the track that I can. Really looking forward to seeing how all that pans out.

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