New Blingy Bits for the B6.4

New Blingy Bits for the B6.4

Got a few bits of bling for the B6.4, thanks to John at RC Octane for getting hold of these difficult parts.

First, JConcepts rear diffuser, interesting, don’t know how much difference it will make, but It can’t hurt. Anything for a bit more downforce and grip at the back.

I finally managed to get hold of some 3 hole damper pistons. The B6.4d has 13mm diameter dampers, which is relatively quite a bit bigger than most in buggy racing. And therefore, you also get quite a bit more “pack” during travel. With the 2 hole kit pistons, she seems to like very soft oil in the back. So I think these are going to be the way to go, for Outdoors at least.

Next Exotek’s Motor Plate and Ball Stud Mount for the rear upper camber links. These aren’t that different to the kit bits, but are going to be used on the lay forward trannie for Carpet and Dry Astro. This takes me another step closer to my aim of having two pre configured and assembled transmissions ready to go. I do like how they’ve integrated the spur guard and made it one piece to the motor plate.

Rear Arm Mount inserts, just to have that extra few options of Track, Toe and Anti-Squat at the back.

And Some Spare 1mm and 2mm suspension shims arrived as well.

And I’ve prepped up the New 10.5t Ready to go in also…

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