Maintenance Corner – 01/07/2023

Optima Mid

Last time out at Mendip, I pulled the lower steering hub king pin screw out with a glance along the straight barrier. Again. Looks like this casting is a bit Dairylea. Yeah Racing do a CNC aluminium replacement. Nobody had stock of just this part, but it is included in a kit of upgrades. The kit upgrades the steering hub, the ‘C’ upright, the rear hubs, the front hub/’C’ hub inserts to brass, and puts UJs to replace the dog bones in all four corners. All upgrades I was considering, can’t wait to see what they all do in concert. Old parts in the right hand photo, new bits that replaced them in the left.

Mardave Mini

Fitted Phat Bodies £2 Wing and gave it a good clean. Looks like the wing was worth it’s weight in gold. A really good clean of the motor, front king pin polish and a new set of tyres and a new Mardave body in time for next week.

Associated B6.4d

Off to Swindon this week, so I’ve prepped for a High Grip Setup. Laydown transmission/Gear Diff back in. New JC Carpet wing set at 0°. Back Pill settings Set to current in the below pic:

If there’s as much grip as I’m expecting, I might have to take a bit of that toe in off. But that’s a racing thing 🙂

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