Al’s Cars

Associated (Team Associated/AE) B6.4d

The new beast….

I wasn’t finding my way with the Schumacher LD2. So in Late 2022, I made the jump to it’s main competition as my main Race Buggy.

Mardave Mini Assassin

An Iccle Mini for Friday Night Racing

Tamiya TT01e ManTGS/Fat Fox

Cheap, simple, tough knockabout fun. The 1/14 4wd racing Truck from Tamiya is stupidly good fun. Mainly used at Bristol Racers

Schumacher Mission FT

A new adventure for me. I haven’t done any circuit racing in years, and never a Front wheel drive touring car. I got this from Gavin on RC Kicks, and am looking forward to trying something new with this car.

Kyosho Salute

An Original 1986 Kyosho Salute. My unicorn car from childhood. Found in a parlous state on Ebay and restored to race-able condition using original or period appropriate condition where possible. 4wd Belt Drive with modern electronics.

Schumacher Cougar KD

Although 2 generations out of date, I still love this car because it is peerless in wet or low grip conditions. 2 wheel drive with a “Stand up” transmission that loads the rear axle for traction. Campaigned in the 2021 Season, and Sold at the end of the 2022 Season to make way for a switch to Team Associated.

Schumacher Cougar LD2

My main 1/10 scale off road car for the 2021 & 22 Seasons. The latest evolution of Schumacher’s Cougar Series of 2 Wheel Drive chassis. Laydown Transmission, big bore shocks, quick change diffs, the full monty.

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