Al’s Cars

Associated (Team Associated/AE) B6.4d

The new beast….

I wasn’t finding my way with the Schumacher LD2. So in Late 2022, I made the jump to it’s main competition as my main Race Buggy.

Mardave Mini Assassin

An Iccle Mini for Friday Night Racing

Tamiya TT01e ManTGS/Fat Fox

Cheap, simple, tough knockabout fun. The 1/14 4wd racing Truck from Tamiya is stupidly good fun. Mainly used at Bristol Racers

Schumacher Mission FT

A new adventure for me. I haven’t done any circuit racing in years, and never a Front wheel drive touring car. I got this from Gavin on RC Kicks, and am looking forward to trying something new with this car.

Kyosho Optima-Mid 2022

A Re-re Classic Optima-Mid for vintage racing so that I don’t completely knacker my Kyosho Salute.

Kyosho Salute

An Original 1986 Kyosho Salute. My unicorn car from childhood. Found in a parlous state on Ebay and restored to race-able condition using original or period appropriate condition where possible. 4wd Belt Drive with modern electronics.

Schumacher Cougar KD

Although 2 generations out of date, I still love this car because it is peerless in wet or low grip conditions. 2 wheel drive with a “Stand up” transmission that loads the rear axle for traction. Campaigned in the 2021 Season, and Sold at the end of the 2022 Season to make way for a switch to Team Associated.

Schumacher Cougar LD2

My main 1/10 scale off road car for the 2021 & 22 Seasons. The latest evolution of Schumacher’s Cougar Series of 2 Wheel Drive chassis. Laydown Transmission, big bore shocks, quick change diffs, the full monty.

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