To-do List

Team Associated B6.4

  • Prep for Mendip
  • Repair or replace Surpass 6.5 MotorNow Spares, because the windings aren’t insulated. New one on order.
  • Touch up Associated Shell
  • Prep S2 Shell in Bodyshell of Shame Colours
  • Prep New Wings
  • Trash worn Tyres
  • Glue New Tyres
  • Redo Front Shocks
  • Find or make new b4 roll bar link

Kyosho Optima Mid

Mardave Mini

  • Get hardened kingpins, rear body mount and bumper
  • Fit Kingpins, body mount and bumper
  • Sort front Camber/Castor & Ride Heights

Tamiya TT-01e Truck

  • Clean & Check shell
  • Dry lube?

Schumacher Mission FT

  • Track Testing

Kyosho Salute

  • Finish Strip down
  • Grease diffs
  • Rebuild
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