Maintenance Corner

Gentle chilled day with only a few minor fixes and touches to the Mardave today.

1st, I made a spare Deans charging lead out of an old banana plug lead I wasn’t using and a leftover part I had.

Second, the Front End was => 5mm ride height, which aparently on stilts for a Mardave, So added 1.5mm and some extra castor under the front wheels with the new bits from Mardave. Quite satisfying, when the car wasn’t terrible to begin with to find something more to fettle.

On the back there was a chance to add some reliability and performance at the same time. I wanted to try some slightly harder springs on the back, While I had it apart, I found the bottom nuts on the posts were loose. So I drowned them in threadlock and tightened them right up.

RC tinkering, Grand Prix on the telly, Roast Lamb dinner after. Living the dream!

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