Cobra Club Day 23/10/2022

Cobra Club Day 23/10/2022
B6.4d On the Bench at Cardiff

Back to Cardiff because rain sucks (The forecast for Mendip was pretty miserable when I made my booking)

I Bolted in one of these… Revolution Design Racing Products RDRP0292-BRS Brass front bulkhead (B6/B6D) ( and one of these… TEAM ASSOCIATED AS91747 B6/B6D STEEL CHASSIS WEIGHT 25G ( and one of these TEAM ASSOCIATED AS91748 B6/B6D STEEL CHASSIS WEIGHT 36G ( So, I was very hopeful the tricky front end was a bit more planted. That and I converted the diff over to two planetary gears, and 2.5k diff oil. And practice was much better, not having to take corners at An mile an hour.

All four Quali rounds were good, although still washing out on power, and still the car not quite going exactly where I wanted off the gas. Then in the break before the final, I was given the tip to make an adjustment to the lower shock mount.

And suddenly I have a surgeon’s scalpel steering. Bit of an emergency change, but well worth it. As usual, Got clobbered into the first bend, and came out of the 3rd bend 8th and last. But then wallop! 6th by then end of the first lap, and 2nd and finding all sorts of control I’ve never had for the rest of the race. Love it!

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