Swindon Winter Series RD2 16/10/2022

Swindon Winter Series RD2 16/10/2022

With nothing on at Mendip or Cardiff this weekend, the itch to give the B6.4 a taste of Astro, needed scratching.

Not having been to Swindon before, I thought I’d have the ideal excuse if I couldn’t get the car working right!

Swindon’s shiny new track.

Heat 1, Let’s just say, didn’t quite go to plan.

11Richard Atkinson12 / 317.7126.3025.65
27Andrew Crute12 / 325.6226.7025.80
34Alan Pritchard11 / 308.5527.5426.28
45Mark Weston11 / 312.6928.1426.72
53Darren Cawkwell 210 / 309.1530.9126.83
62Steve Brazier10 / 310.9231.0927.28
76Alistair Munro2 / 67.480.0031.22

It does say in the manual to threadlock the front axle retainer screw in place. I didn’t. Oh dear.

Heat 2 had to be a safe banker having lost the track time in Heat 1. Steady on a still sopping wet track, but it was giving good feedback about what it wanted.

11Richard Atkinson12 / 316.5725.8024.62
25Mark Weston12 / 321.4926.2125.33
34Alan Pritchard11 / 303.0327.2125.94
47Andrew Crute11 / 308.2527.4725.71
56Alistair Munro10 / 302.3330.2328.02
62Steve Brazier10 / 303.3430.3327.46
73Darren Cawkwell 29 / 298.510.0026.62

Heat 3 and off came the chassis brace to get the battery seated further back, Dialled in an extra 1/2 degree of toe in at the back (3.5deg) Found I was running yellows on the front when I should have been running greens. Time to get the hammer down.

11Richard Atkinson12 / 313.0225.6525.05
27Andrew Crute11 / 301.4527.0825.78
34Alan Pritchard11 / 303.6327.4426.88
45Mark Weston11 / 308.9027.5325.20
56Alistair Munro11 / 309.7227.6526.48
63Darren Cawkwell 211 / 317.4627.9126.39
72Steve Brazier10 / 300.790.0026.86

Much better, and looking at the laps, there was a 12 in the car, just not me šŸ™‚


Heat 4 was pretty much the same as 3, but I think I shaved a second off my best lap.

11Richard Atkinson12 / 301.4724.7124.15
25Mark Weston12 / 319.1526.1024.95
37Andrew Crute12 / 319.9326.2825.12
44Alan Pritchard11 / 305.7627.3626.42
56Alistair Munro11 / 315.7628.1025.60
62Steve Brazier11 / 327.0129.1927.33
73Darren Cawkwell 210 / 315.2431.5225.76
B6.4d on the Bench at Swindon

The finals were excellent fun. I have no-one to blame but my self for the first, I got of the line nicely, but misjudged the second corner and beached my self on a corner hose relegating muggins to last for a short period. After that, I settled in nicely for most of the race. A lap and a half to go and all the acceleration and top end went out of the car. I’d backed off the slipper clutch a bit too much, and it over heated.

Finals – Round 1

Race 2 – 2wd – B Final

12Andrew Mayo12 / 320.0525.6225.02
23Alan Pritchard12 / 321.1326.3625.52
31Jack Vancil Jnr12 / 322.9526.0324.87
44Mark Horspole11 / 301.3830.1324.85
56Alistair Munro11 / 310.5527.5225.31
65Jono Neate11 / 312.660.0026.78
79Darren Cawkwell 211 / 318.4928.3926.35
87Krystian Malik Jnr11 / 324.7928.4326.24
98Chris Mayo Jnr10 / 303.7430.3727.38
1010Norman Allan10 / 315.6731.5628.07

I just managed to drag it over the line to pick up a place from where I started. Cool!

There followed a frenetic extraction of the Diff for a tighten up; so that the Slipper could be tightened back up without wrecking the diff plates. And into the second final. And I think the result speaks for itself.

Finals – Round 2

Race 2 – 2wd – B Final

12Andrew Mayo12 / 313.4325.8225.27
23Alan Pritchard12 / 324.3526.0425.56
36Alistair Munro12 / 325.0926.4025.43
49Darren Cawkwell 211 / 308.5927.7425.50
51Jack Vancil Jnr11 / 310.8526.6625.21
65Jono Neate11 / 314.4927.8125.76
78Chris Mayo Jnr11 / 321.6428.5026.29
84Mark Horspole11 / 327.7228.7025.12
97Krystian Malik Jnr10 / 319.9131.9925.41
1010Norman Allan9 / 305.230.0028.66

Chuffed to bits with that. 3 places in the bag and Alan had to drive like a demon for the last three laps to keep me off second place, less than a second in it at the line.

This car is going to be a beast on dry tracks šŸ™‚

Thanks to Swindon for a great track and a superbly ran meeting, not to mention a nice warm welcome!

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