COBRA Charity Club Day. 20-11-2022

COBRA Charity Club Day. 20-11-2022

Bit of a testing day at Cardiff today. I prepped by putting stiffer shock oil in. 500cst rear and 600cst front. I think this worked on the rear, but might bring back the front a bit.

Into rounds 1 and 2, and two quite good showings, they turned out to be my scoring rounds. 3rd round I clipped a corner marker before the timing loop but ended up after it and sadly the marshal didn’t realise so dropped back in pace badly. Round 4 I recovered a bit, but still a bit at sea about how to get the jumps and braking points right.

Dragged myself out myself out of the D final into the C. C1 was just a bit annoying, couldn’t get into a settled pace. Took the ride height right down to 12 for C2, which allowed me to push a bit. Ultimately, this was just another for the experience bank. Keep at it!

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