Mendip Winter Series Rd 3 13/11/2022

Mendip Winter Series Rd 3 13/11/2022

Motorsports are a constant battle to remember that you’re usually behind a learning curve and rarely in front of it. This morning was a fairly brutal reminder of that.

With hindsight, Mendip was always going to be soggy all morning. With hindsight, my trips out at Swindon with the B6.4d indicated that the layback box and aft weight balance options are the way to go on Outdoor Astro in the UK Winter.

But hindsight also cuts two ways. I also found out I was double handicapped because at some point, I didn’t calibrate my ESC to the motor I’ve been running, and under certain conditions, it’s been occasionally hauling on the brakes instead of coasting on closing the throttle to idle. Annoying or distracting on high grip EOS Carpet; on wet astro it means you end up pointing in the wrong direction 3 times a lap.

So, looking at the whole thing again, I’ve learned some things that will allow me to unlock quite a bit of the car’s potential. And despite losing the morning’s experience, I still managed to take a hatrick of C Final wins at a canter, and was going quicker each round to boot.

Even though the problem didn’t cause as much of an issue on carpet, it was still there, so things are looking good for next week.

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