So how did the Build go?

So how did the Build go?

I did promise that I’d post about how the RC10 B6.4d Build went. I’m not going to do an exhaustive review. But suffice it to say that apart from two minor glitches, very nicely thankyou.

The two little glitches were: The Front Hubs (the big blue things in my hand) had an anodising ridge on one that made the bearing not fit. A quick rub down with 3000 grade wet and dry, and that went away. The bare metal is only visible when the wheel and bearing is off, so no bother there. The other was a similar thing with the little drive pin in the slipper clutch. It was just a little piece of rolled aluminium, and it just came out not quite fitting. A little adjustment, and squeeze into place with pliers and all was good. It only has to go into place the once, so again, no great shakes.

Other than that, I was left with the impression of a very well thought out machine. Properly designed and engineered to be easily maintained and raced. a lot of items like a range of different suspension spring cup heights, camber setting blocks and alloy parts where others would use plastic, justify the slightly higher cost. Buy cheap, buy twice, buy quality, buy once being the watchword here.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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