Mendip Winter Series RD8 – 26/02/2023

Mendip Winter Series RD8 – 26/02/2023

Brass Effing Monkeys in Weston-super-Mare today. But cocooned in my Team 80 Fleece, it was worth it for the points. I suspected that there would be a frost or very heavy dew again in the morning, and given how cold it was, that the layback box and general wet or damp setup was the way to go. I was only half right, the first heat was damp, but not as bad as I thought.

Mezzo Silvers on the back and Silver Cut Staggers on the front, were ok once I dialled a bit of Rake onto the rear shocks, but still a bit slidy here and there.

When I took the Mezzos off, they had got surprisingly rounded in the first heat. And I struggled to keep up with Chris Law. So it seemed the time was right to try out some Proline Pyramids for Quali 2.

Wow! All of a sudden, from Oversteer to Grip Roll and a lap ahead of Chris! With that revelation under my belt, The confidence was there to start dialling out rear grip and start lowering Roll Center and Ride height, and go looking for mid corner speed and rotation.

11Alistair Munro13 / 308.9023.4622.62
22Chris Law12 / 311.4424.6922.89
33Stephen Carpenter11 / 335.0329.8826.14
44Zephyr House6 / 348.270.0049.82

Quali 3 went a bit pear shaped because I lost the battery cover from my Transmitter, which cost me places and on reflection, probably left me struggling to get into the A Final. But given how well the actual car was going, I wasn’t about to complain.

Qualifying – Round 3

Race 1 – 2wd Buggy

11Alistair Munro13 / 323.5722.8422.16
22Chris Law13 / 325.8223.9622.61
33Stephen Carpenter10 / 301.4430.1426.60
44Zephyr House6 / 334.040.0050.72
Still Sorted!

Into the finals, and I was looking forward to a really good scrap with Sophie Calder, who is a really impressive young peddler. Sadly, she’s not got the winter blubber I have, and the cold got into her fingers , and sadly, Round 1 went my way at a canter.

Finals – Round 1

Race 1 – 2wd Buggy – B Final

12Alistair Munro13 / 318.9023.5922.69
23Adam Mozes12 / 302.6423.9722.81
34Chris Law12 / 302.7523.8922.63
41Sophie Calder12 / 321.2425.7221.26
55Stephen Carpenter10 / 302.4030.2425.95
66Zephyr House7 / 329.610.0042.81

I don’t really know what happened in Round 2, except to say I lost focus and got all mashed up in a string of accidents and mistakes. Gah!

Finals – Round 2

Race 1 – 2wd Buggy – B Final

14Chris Law13 / 315.5423.4722.59
23Adam Mozes13 / 317.6823.3522.10
32Alistair Munro12 / 309.3824.4122.29
45Stephen Carpenter10 / 309.6530.9626.21
56Zephyr House6 / 313.750.0045.17
61Sophie Calder0 /

OK, reset, refocus and go again for round 3. Boom! Consistant, only 1 little mistake I can recall. Spot on!

Finals – Round 3

Race 1 – 2wd Buggy – B Final

12Alistair Munro13 / 318.6023.8723.18
23Adam Mozes12 / 311.8625.2622.35
34Chris Law12 / 319.8325.8323.47
45Stephen Carpenter11 / 309.2427.2125.57
56Zephyr House6 / 316.880.0043.40
61Sophie Calder0 /

Chuffed to bits with the new tyres, that’s going to be so handy in the summer season.

2wd Buggy – B Final

PosCarNameTie BreakPointsR1R2R3
12Alistair Munro2131
24Chris Law13 / 315.544313
33Adam Mozes13 / 317.684222
45Stephen Carpenter8544
51Sophie Calder12 / 321.2410466
66Zephyr House6 / 313.7510655
Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!
Gary Simmons’ Rather Carniverous PR

So Back to Carpet next week at Cardiff. I’ve already fixed the freying Servo plug that was worrying me. And the new carpet shell is ready…

The B6.4d looking rather handome with a new JConcepts F2 Carpet shell 🙂

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