SWORD RD5 COBRA Cardiff – 05/03/2023

SWORD RD5 COBRA Cardiff – 05/03/2023

The timesheets might tell you I had an off day today. Catching a cold, burning out a motor or losing a round to a pinion with a stripped grub screw might also lead you to think this. But that’s not the whole story or to see any of the upside.

Practice was ok, but I found I’d set my camber guage wrong and had way too much rear camber on. Round 1 Turned Out to be my best, And Round 2 Was also good, but I think I asked a bit much of the Surpass 6.5t, While I was checking the the readings from the ESC, it said both motor and ESC had gone over 85 Deg C. Ouch!

Then As I was tweking things, smoke started coming out of the motor!, Ooooops! Luckily, I had enough time to Swap out the Surpass for the HobbyWing 7.5t. As per bloody usual, This didn’t go to plan and The Pinion came loose and dropped off after a few laps. Poop!

Anyway, I regrouped for 4th Quali, and although putting in the AVID Triad Slipper ( https://www.avidrc.com/product/5/accessories/452/Triad-Evo-Slipper-Mod-8184-B6-B443-22-AV1020-MOD-accessories.html ), There were still annoying dig ins from the front that had been leeching laptime away all day.

This was the pleasing part, and rescued the day. I raised the front inner camber links by 2mm to lower the front roll center a bit. Bingo! much more predictable! Sorted!

Have a look at this beutiful LD2 Shell ..

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