Gear Review: AVID Triad Evo Slipper for B6.4d

Gear Review: AVID Triad Evo Slipper for B6.4d

First off, There’s nothing wrong with the standard kit slipper on the Associated B6.4d. I’ve just always found 3 plate slippers easier to set and more forgiving to drive than 2 plate. Associated do their own 3 plate hop ups, including standard and vented versions. But AVID claim their Triad Slipper is lighter than the Kit 2 plate. I also thought the lower diameter of the plates would be less prone to warping if you did set it too loose.

Since I’ve had it on the car, it does seem easier to tune the power delivery, drive and eliminate wheelies. I haven’t had any fade, even in 6 minute carpet finals in Cardiff, and yet starts are still good and well controlled.

Installation is simple and no permanent mods are required. That said, it wouldn’t matter to me if there were. I’m sold to the degree I’ve bought 2 kits now, one for my Laydown box and one for the Layback. They just seem to be better on all surfaces.

The spur gear is no more or no less prone to stripping than any other spur.

The packaging is very professionally done. And top marks to AVID for making it reuseable, and so practical and not instantly destined for landfill.

And I love the “Warning: May Cause Trophies” boast on the packet. I like a manufacturer that’s confident about their product and uses a bit of humour to market it.

I wish more UK shops would carry AVID stuff, I’m a big fan. Approved!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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