Schumacher Cougar LD2

  • On Board the LD2 at Tiverton
    Onboard the LD2 at Tiverton

    I stuck my Gopro to the front of the LD2 at the last summer round of Tiverton in September 2022. The track was still quite wet and I was using yellow dry tyres, so I was spinning out and going quite slowly. But it’s still interesting to see a buggy’s eye view of the track.

    This was the last outing for the LD2 before “Turnbuckle-gate”.

  • Prep for last Summer Meeting of 2022.

    So Tiverton tomorrow. And seeing as I haven’t quite had the results I’d like there this year, I spent a whole day today preparing to put my best car on the astro in the morning.

    The plan went mostly well. Ball diff rebuilt with a new thrust race. Bearings cleaned and dry lubed. ESC remounted with better servo tape. Having got all that done, I was planning to go all out and fix the threads on the front hub. I had a bit of an ooopsie…


    Oh crap! That said, It might not be the disaster I first thought. In theory, the brass hub is meant to be for carpet only.

    Brass Front Hub Installed

    So in went the brass hub. I have had issues with the nose flying up a bit on the straight and tabletop jump ath Tivvy, and I’m also trying to get the brake to be less rear limited, not easy when you have to have high rear grip for the off camber bends and odd Astro at tivvy. So, I’m going to commit to it.

    I’ll let you know how it goes tomorrow, the KD has also been put back to running order, I’m actually hoping I won’t need it.

  • End of Mendip Summer Championship

    So the Summer champs at my local track came to a close today. Over all, it left me scratching my head a bit. This summer, I’ve learned a hell of a lot about dialling the car into the track and conditions. What seems to be happening, is somehow, despite the car being quite drivable, time just seems to bleed away. The forced health break in the middle of the season had more of an impact than I might have realised. So I think it’s just a matter of patience, persistence and getting my butt in gear to do more practice.


    2wd Buggy

    Best 5 results and countback apply.

    1Keith Halsey99%4999909810001009996101
    2Gavin Knight98%4960099001001019898
    3Kevin Greenway95%481939709499098900
    4Dale Calder94%47396999500008895
    5Chris Cooke93%4718893919210100940
    6Gary Simmons92%4659291860095978390
    7Alistair Munro92%4648600969491948189
    8James Santer92%464008909692968291
    9Michael Halsey (J)92%4638908391096958492
    10Sophie Calder92%46390999400008793
    11Wayne James90%455849290930008694
    12Martin Owen99%399001011000009999
    13Andrew Nelson93%3769400095940930
    14Oscar Mills84%3388185000092800
    15Oli Davies95%289095969800000
    16Jos Hooper94%285950097093000
    17Ted Calder (J)90%273008500009296
    18Bradley Satterley90%272870000970088
    19Daisy Miller84%256084810009100
    20Martyn Hadley97%196101000000950
    21Matthew Hodges95%19200095970000
    22Dan Hurrell94%18909693000000
    23Paul Rose92%18698088000000
    24Paul Curtis91%18300090930000
    25Cam Pollinger90%18209092000000
    26John Farringdon89%18091000000890
    27Leon James (J)89%17900089090000
    28Miles Harris87%17683000009300
    29Alan Pritchard85%17208884000000
    30Nigel Godber-Ford84%16908782000000
    31Lewis Hopkins100%10100000001010
    32Stuart Ball99%10001000000000
    =33Charlie Klinkenberg97%980000980000
    =33Mark Cox97%980000098000
    =35Steve Ashton96%979700000000
    =35Dan Harding96%970097000000
    =35John Pape96%970000000970
    =35Dan Osbourne96%970000000097
    39Ken Fung93%940940000000
    40Haiden Hicks (J)91%920000920000
    41Nick Langdon90%910000000910
    42Terry House88%890890000000
    43Todd Simmons86%870087000000
    44Riley Mills85%860860000000
    =45Steve Pollinger84%858500000000
    =45Neale Carbis84%850000000850
    47Ethan Owen (J)81%828200000000
    =48Theo Gooding79%808000000000
    =48Luke Harding79%800080000000
    50Olivia Pritchard (J)78%790079000000

    Bit annoyed that I let Gary pip me at the last today, But he had new shiny bits which seem to have sorted the wallowing rear end of his car. James’ new Associated seems to really suit him, so quite surprised I managed to stay ahead of him.

    Congrats to Keith Halsey, consistent performance while doing all the spanner work on multiple cars every meeting is very impressive.

    One more Outdoor meeting for the LD2 before it goes into full Carpet setup and the KD comes out for the winter season.

  • I’ve had worse days 🙂

    To knackered to do a full report tonight. Sadly, the footage I tried to get didn’t work out. But I’ll give you the full SP tomorrow.

  • Tiverton Round 10 – Race report

    Driving still scrappy when it matters, but I started the day with a smashing 12 lapper in a clean run. Then the remaining qualifiers and final were silly mistakes that made what could have been a B final and a good result.

    That is where the car was 🙂

    And 11 laps 310 was where my driving was the rest of the day. One positive to take from the day was I managed to get into the “Steering waggle” over the table top jump, which weirdly, really does seem to work.

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