Tiverton Round 10 – Race report

Tiverton Round 10 – Race report

Driving still scrappy when it matters, but I started the day with a smashing 12 lapper in a clean run. Then the remaining qualifiers and final were silly mistakes that made what could have been a B final and a good result.

That is where the car was 🙂

And 11 laps 310 was where my driving was the rest of the day. One positive to take from the day was I managed to get into the “Steering waggle” over the table top jump, which weirdly, really does seem to work.

4 thoughts on “Tiverton Round 10 – Race report

  1. Is that the setup you ran at Tivvy? Its worth speaking to Stu Ball, he has his LD2 working very well. I’d deffo be looking to increase the rear toe, probably 3 min in the morning, 3.5 after a round or two then maybe 4 by the finals. Gotta run a ball diff, gear diff aint gonna cut it at Tivvy, also a slower motor will help get the power down. More rear toe and ball diff will make a massive difference, you’ll probably be finding you’re struggling with pace as the day goes on as its getting slippy.

    1. Thanks for that Gav. And I think you’re right, by the final the rear was getting loose as hell. I have a 7.5t Hobbywing, is or is that still a bit too much? That setting is pretty much what I run at Mendip, any tips for setting it up for Saturday?

    2. At tivvy yesterday, I went Ball Diff, 7.5t, 3.5 rear toe all day. The car was easier to drive for sure. Black fronts, Red rears. I went short on the front camber link for the last two rounds, and that also helped. All I need now is to find braking settings that allow braking in a straight line. I’m finding it either spins, or doesn’t slow as much as I’d expect at the minute.

  2. 7.5t is fine, personally I’ve never ran my 7.5t with any boost/turbo and no more than 90% EPA. I find it easier to drive when its slow, lack of talent runs out way too quickly when its fast 🙂 Most of the settings look alright for a grippy Mendip, its been a while since I ran my LD2, there will be some Schumacher boys there tomorrow. I’d still always run a ball diff, even a grippy Mendip, it settles the car over the bumps. Biggest things that helped me around Mendip was plenty of weight in the car to settle in down and firm front springs Orange when grippy and Black when sandy

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