Prep for last Summer Meeting of 2022.

Prep for last Summer Meeting of 2022.

So Tiverton tomorrow. And seeing as I haven’t quite had the results I’d like there this year, I spent a whole day today preparing to put my best car on the astro in the morning.

The plan went mostly well. Ball diff rebuilt with a new thrust race. Bearings cleaned and dry lubed. ESC remounted with better servo tape. Having got all that done, I was planning to go all out and fix the threads on the front hub. I had a bit of an ooopsie…


Oh crap! That said, It might not be the disaster I first thought. In theory, the brass hub is meant to be for carpet only.

Brass Front Hub Installed

So in went the brass hub. I have had issues with the nose flying up a bit on the straight and tabletop jump ath Tivvy, and I’m also trying to get the brake to be less rear limited, not easy when you have to have high rear grip for the off camber bends and odd Astro at tivvy. So, I’m going to commit to it.

I’ll let you know how it goes tomorrow, the KD has also been put back to running order, I’m actually hoping I won’t need it.

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