SWORD RD3 – Cardiff 08-01-2023

SWORD RD3 – Cardiff 08-01-2023

After the last few calamitous meetings (Broken C Brackets, FUBAR Transmitter settings), today was more about putting in a solid, cock-up free run.

That didn’t happen in the morning. Practice and Quali 1 went south due to wheel nuts not being tightened. Buh!

Quali 2, would have been ok, except for clipping a corner marker and copping for a 17 second Delay that dropped me 3 places in the heat. Quali 3 Was much better, missed a 14 lapper by a few seconds (unfortunate little mistakes). I started the day with 250cst oil in the rear shocks, the new v3 13mm B6.4 shocks have much more pack against the piston. With temps down at 13deg C in the House of Sport hall, there were more pressing matters of getting the trim, and throttle settings back into order. After Quali 3, the under damping was making the back end all sluggish, I think the excess roll was causing some diffing out, out of the corners as well. So after consulting a few bods that were also running 13mm shocks the consensus was that I could get away with 400 cst, which I was initially dubious about, but worked quite nicely. I still think 400 with a 3 hole piston, or 350cst might be ok, but at least i’m in ball park.

These cars are o bit quick for the phone camera!

Got out of the E final and into the D with my Quali 3 & 4 runs, so that was the right direction. 5th put me slap bang in the middle of the pack.

I put nearly new Cactus Yellows, and Cut staggers on for the final, and it took me a good three or four laps to get them working properly, dropping me back to 7th. When they came in, I settled in and went on a fairly clean run, nabbing quite a pleasing 3rd at the gong.

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