Mendip Winter Series RD9 – 12/03/2023

Mendip Winter Series RD9 – 12/03/2023

Before you get out your setup sheets, spring rate tables or pill or gear calculators, if you’re racing buggies in the UK, you need to check the weather forecast.

Fortunately for me, I did yesterday, and it’s paid off nicely. Although the rain held off for the day, the track was given several soakings yesterday and last night. And with the temperature not going above 12, I set myself up for a good day with a full wet config. Layback transmission, 3 degrees of toe in on the rear, roll center high on both axles, 2 degrees of anti-squat, 19mm starting ride height. I also gave 3 hole pistons in the front shocks a go.

Practice was a good chance to try out Proline Pyramids and fronts. But it was quickly obvious that Ballistic Greens and Silver Cut Staggers were the only tyre for the job. But in all other respects, the set up was right. I really don’t get why more people don’t take advantage of the option to use their shocks behind the wishbone on their B6.x and LD2 cars. But if it’s extra grip for me, I’ll not argue.

Heats were good, had good game for Gary & Wayne who would both soundly beat me 12 months ago. And better, didn’t let frustration goad me into fiddling about with a fundamentally sound config. Instead, I settled quite nicely into getting throttle control, braking and consistancy together.

Qualified for the A Final on Pace 🙂 was most chuffed with my 1st leg pace, 13 laps and a clean run and finishing on the same lap as Gavin Knight felt really good.

Mendip MMRC

11/03/2023 – Off-Road Winter Championship Rd 9

Finals – Round 1

Race 2 – 2wd Buggy – A Final

12Gavin Knight13 / 303.8422.8922.40
21Stuart Ball13 / 313.8823.1722.82
33Chris Cooke13 / 314.2623.5423.03
45Andrew Nelson13 / 315.8523.7822.92
56Alistair Munro13 / 324.8324.5223.79
64Gary Simmons11 / 331.5328.6625.34

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Not to mention, had fun tweaking Steve Carpenter and Oscar Mills’ B6s, which is always gratifying when they go better. Top Day!

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