Mendip Winter Series RD2 – 22/10/2023

Mendip Winter Series RD2 – 22/10/2023

After the rather testing time at Cardiff, getting back to home turf at Mendip was welcome. Gary had spanner work to do on his Daughter’s Mini, so I volunteered to run the meeting. Running the meeting and two cars is a bit too much, so I decided just to run 4WD with the B74.2

What with all the 3d printing, I didn’t get much of a chance to do much except fit the new 6.5t Surpass that I got to replace the one I blew at Cardiff.

Being still pretty damp in the morning, I really should have banged on the Ballistics a bit earlier, but hey ho. Tried taking off the roll bar in Heat one, but it didn’t have nearly as much effect as it does on the 2WD. As frustrating as it was, It was good to learn what does and does not work. It looks like toe in & weight is the way forward with real grip in the wet.

As it dried up in the afternoon, I put the roll bar back on, and the car came back to the Yellow Mezzos. Even with the strong Springs on the rear dampers, you still need quite a thick back roll bar. That and to realise you can lose a lot of ride height once the grip comes up.

11 / 308.9027.5926.15
12 / 309.7425.4023.45
11 / 325.6728.5724.09
12 / 314.9925.4923.10
Final Leg 1
12 / 323.6026.0223.10
Final Leg 2
13 / 318.9023.9622.45
Final Leg 3

So the underlying pace got quicker as the day went on, very pleasing. I can see me shaving off more and more as I learn the car.

As a little cherry, I showed a few folks the roll bar holder, and they seem to like it. I even got an order 🙂

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