Mardave Minis at Bristol Racers 20/10/2023

Mardave Minis at Bristol Racers 20/10/2023

I won’t do a full report. Just the highlights.

I cleaned up the front kingpins and rear pod damper and put in 20k silicone as opposed the 10k which does seem to be too thin to do anything useful. I also added a PowerCap in, bit of a birds-nest of wiring now, but I’m told it’s worth it. On reflection, I think this, and a motor clean, needs doing after every outing.

I got to Long Ashton earlyish & I did a shake down. It became obvious that I still had a problem with the Kimbrough Servo Saver having too much give. This warranted an emergency swap out for the rather costly X-ray version I got a while ago. Sadly, the rush job resulted in it popping off within a lap of the first heat, ripping off the new power cap off its mount and jamming the steering in the process. Bugger.

Anyway the pain was worth it. Once properly sorted, the steering was much better. And after some solid heats, I finally managed to get under the 7 second lap barrier in the first Final. Dead chuffed with that.

So there’s pace in the car, cool! Simon & Dan at Phat Bodies sorted me out with their new Mini Shell, which I’m very much looking forward to painting up and getting out in a fortnight.

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