First decent butchers at the new B7

First decent butchers at the new B7

1st sort of good look at the B7, and woof, there’s some radical stuff going on to repackage the transmission at the back, reminiscent of the Willspeed RFs with what looks to be super low CofG. The roll bars front and rear are now much closer to the lower arms, the rear camber link inboard mount is now down at the centerline of the diff, instead of on top of it. The C&D arm pivots look a lot closer together, making me wonder if they’ve made a narrower transmission with less rotating mass. The waterfall chassis brace seems to have gone, not to mention half the motor plate, with the motor now attached with two bolts underneath the pinion. The battery brace has been replaced with two Schumacher style lugs. This really does look like something of a revolution.

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