COBRA Sword Round 4 – 05/02/2023

COBRA Sword Round 4 – 05/02/2023

Seeing as I had new shiny Exotek bits for the laydown box, I went for broke and put in the 6.5t Surpass in. Also, seing as the 3 hole Pistons worked so well on the back at Mendip, I thought I’d give them a go at COBRA, obviously upping the shock oil from 250cst to 450cst. 500cst in the front, Proline Prism rear tyres.

Practice was very reassuring, car nicely on the nose how I like it, and the new rear config allowing the back to rotate much better.

Rounds 1 & 2 seemed to go quite nicely and really started to push the car toward the apexs. Just shy of 16 laps on both runs was a result of a couple of silly mistakes, but no stress as the car was handling well and was quite driveable.

Round 3 and a couple of stupid clonks and bashes must have shifted the motor forward just enought to partially strip the spur. Still got 14 laps in, so at least I didn’t gift easy points to those chasing me. And as luck would have it, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

The quickest repair was to pull out the kit slipper, and take the AVID three plate slipper off the layback box that was prepper in the hauler. Now whether it was the 3 plate clutch, or the longer ratio buy a 76t triad spur as opposed to the kit 78t that made the difference; I really don’t know. But in round 4, boom, 16 laps and it felt like I could have pushed it to 17. Hummz!!

So, my mind is made up, I’m going to get a 2nd AVID triad Slipper so I can kit out both transmissions permanently. You can’t argue with better results and the feeling that the car is more driveable.

Made a bit of a pigs ear of the final by being too tentative in the first few laps when the car was going better when I pushed it. But overall, I was happy anyway.

If nothing else, the improvement in the feel of the car, the new Hauler bag being MUCH easier to handle than the old Stanley Fatmax, and feeling very proud to sport my Team 80 hoodie made it another cracking day out in Cardiff.

Congrats to COBRA for attracting a full entry and still getting the meeting done by 3.30, not to mention a superb track with a lovely flow.

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