Soldering! Advice Sought.

Soldering! Advice Sought.

When I look at the solder joints on my ESC done at the Hobbywing factory, they’re beautiful. One blob of Solder, obviously done in one quick hit without melting the surrounding plastic. Then I look at the rather messy job I’ve done on my motor leads, and its fairly obvious I need to raise my soldering game.

The first thing that comes to mind is that my Dad, who was a whizz at soldering always used a really big iron that was like a truncheon. Is it just a case of a big tip that doesn’t drain its heat so fast and gives a more consistent temperature. Is it wattage or reheating speed?

What got me thinking was there was a Plumbers soldering gun in B&Q the other day, and it occured to me that there’s a lot more metal to dissipate heat in heating pipework than in an ESC or motor, And yet plumbers seem to get solder welds done really quick and neatly.

So is this the way forward?

Or is it Lead content. I earwigged a conversation down the track last week that I I caught the gist right, meant that old school solder with lead was much easier to work with. Is there anything in this?

Thoughts, advice and experience welcome.

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