Gear Review: Stanley Fatmax Rolling Cantelever

Gear Review: Stanley Fatmax Rolling Cantelever

It’s a bit of a love hate relationship with this thing.

On the one hand, there is a ton of space. So much so, that I can carry not just all my tools, but spares, tyres, the whole shebang! And it’s useable space as well because it’s more or less rectangular, not an odd shape. The slide out workstation layout with the lid forming a rest for the removeable hand tray does make all your stuff accessible. It seems pretty durable, nothing has broken on it yet.

But there are one or two real downsides. The biggest of which are the lack of a really good external handles. There are two moulded into the sides near the top lid, but they are a bit shallow and leave you wishing for a couple of really meaty flip out handles that you could wrap your hands around. Then there’s the extendible drag handle which just a bit too short. If you’re 5ft 11in or shorter this won’t bother you. But any taller and you’ll find walking with this really uncomfortable. And speaking of the drag handle, it makes a really nasty screeching noise when you extend or stow it. Curable with a dab of grease I expect, but who has the time?

You can pick them up for about 100 sheets, but f you’re over 6ft tall or might have to carry it up stairs, look elsewhere. Other than that, a cavernous trolly with oodles of space for everything and the kitchen sink.

STANLEY FATMAX Cantilever Rolling Toolbox Trolley, 4 Level Workstation with Portable Tote Tray for Tools and Small Parts, 1-94-210 : DIY & Tools

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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