Gear Review: NUTS!!

Gear Review: NUTS!!

If you’re rushing to change your suspension settings between rounds on an Associated buggy, I expect you’re going to drop a few of these on the floor fairly regularly.

The genuine Associated M3 flanged locknuts retail at £13.77 for 10 Associated FT Blue 3mm Locknut AS25392 ( (postage not included)

I got 20 from China for £1.31 (including postage, and I think they sent me 21). At time of writing, they’re discounted down to £1.01 for 20. 2 20pcs M3 M4 M5 M6 M8 Black Carbon 304 A2 70 Stainless Steel Hex Flange Nylon Insert Lock Nut Self locking Nylock Locknut|Nuts| – AliExpress

Are the Chinese ones in any way 10 times worse?

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