Mendip Summer Championship RD4 – 17/06/2023

Mendip Summer Championship RD4 – 17/06/2023

You have to read this report in the context of me not only running 2 cars (The B6.4d and the Optima Mid), but also running the meeting! Honestly, I don’t know how Gary does it. Also it was warm, windless and very humid, so with all the running around I did, I was pretty much physically clapped out by lunch time.

Quali went fairly badly for the B6.4d. I left the Tivvy settings on the car, and with no time to change anything, it just didn’t go anywhere.

Qualifying – Round 4

Round By Round. Best 2 Rounds to Count

4wd Buggy

PosNameBestTie BreakPointsR1R2R3R4
1Keith Halsey16 / 315.7803020
2Steve Ashton15 / 308.8014 / 301.5326302
3Mark Cox15 / 316.4514 / 314.2520233
4Jamie Stringer12 / 312.6462445
5Alistair Munro12 / 316.2484554

2wd Buggy

PosNameBestTie BreakPointsR1R2R3R4
1Keith Halsey15 / 303.4300000
2Phil Vickers15 / 310.4242222
3Oli Davies14 / 305.9563337
4Michael Halsey15 / 320.9289563
5Ted Calder14 / 311.1584445
6Dane Winterson14 / 309.54107674
7Neale Carbis14 / 315.851051058
8Dale Calder14 / 317.19126986
9Terry Leach14 / 327.1416107109
10Chris Law13 / 301.751688910
11James Santer13 / 310.3513 / 310.352211111212
12Alistair Munro13 / 311.0013 / 313.552213121111
13Jamie Stringer12 / 307.342512131313

I felt like I could have driven a 14, but just couldn’t get it there. The upside was the Proline rears were a good shout, So I’ll be running them here and at Swindon if it’s dry now.

Quite happy to just have fun running the Optima. Very chuffed I could keep up with Jamie’s modern Associated.

Less pleased with myself for clouting the the barrier on the straight like a clutz and ripping out the lower kingpin bolt and stripping the thread in the last round. TIT! More about that in the next Maintenance Corner.

The Finals went a bit better in 2wd. James let me off the hook a few minutes into the first leg.

Finals – Round 1

Race 2 – 2wd Buggy – B Final

12Alistair Munro13 / 306.9523.3022.85
21James Santer13 / 323.0923.6622.29
33Jamie Stringer12 / 317.5725.6024.54

The second leg was a titanic struggle, with James and I trading the lead a bunch of times, and on track rather than due to mistakes. Made my day that race did, despite losing it. Fair play James.

Finals – Round 2

Race 2 – 2wd Buggy – B Final

11James Santer13 / 311.9423.3222.41
22Alistair Munro13 / 312.6123.3622.69
33Jamie Stringer12 / 314.3224.7623.79

In the third, I was very lucky that James got a bit scrappy in the first half of the race, because my slipper was too loose and overheating after I took the cooling fan off. Thankfully, because it was the AVID 3 plate, it held on to the end and bagged me the final. Another confirmation that it’s better than the kit slipper.

Finals – Round 3

Race 2 – 2wd Buggy – B Final

12Alistair Munro13 / 315.3224.0123.07
21James Santer13 / 321.2324.0222.85
33Jamie Stringer12 / 315.6825.5324.87

Don’t recall ever being as knackered as when I got home after that lot. But all good experience.

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