Tamiya TT01e Man TGS / Fat Fox

Bought for Friday night race nights at the new Bristol Club. Originally this had the Man TGS body which looked great but was too top heavy and either grip rolled or just plain toppled over a lot. So now its been replaced with the fat fax body which hopefully has a lower C of G and will handle better.

To do List

  • Maiden meeting for rebuilt chassis
  • Tidy up battery connection
  • Try dry grease.
  • Bristol Truck Racing 06-01-2023

    Rule number 1 of RC Racing. Have fun.

  • RC Kicks Event – March 25th 2023 – West Molesey

    Might go to this.

  • Bristol Club Night 07-10-2022

    Brilliant fun and my best driving yet at Bristol. The rebuilt truck seems much better now I’ve sorted the rear wishbones and generally fettled it. Chuffed as a chuffed thing.

    Here’s the footage I managed to grab of the Fronties and Trucks:

  • Reviewing Rubbish Footage from Bristol

    So I balled up and took the footage portrait. Oh well, you live, you learn!

  • So how was the new Fat Fox?

    In a word.. good! I was grip rolling a lot less which was the aim.

    TT01e during Prep at Bristol

    1st round Showed up that the rear Tyres were basically worn out, but popped on a new set for the second round. A video of the 2nd round is hopefully coming tomorrow. But a failing Nimh Battery made the Truck easy to drive.. because it damn near ground to a halt by the end of the heat. Quali Rd 3 was better, but adding in the Lipo instead of the heavier, less powerful Nimh felt like it doubled the speed, but showed up power off over-steer. Finals were excellent fun. Dropped the body a bit and made a suspension tweak and adjusted the steering trim, so that I found my feet and started to feel competitive by the end.

    2nd Truck final on the Grid, last but not unhappy!
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