So how was the new Fat Fox?

In a word.. good! I was grip rolling a lot less which was the aim.

TT01e during Prep at Bristol

1st round Showed up that the rear Tyres were basically worn out, but popped on a new set for the second round. A video of the 2nd round is hopefully coming tomorrow. But a failing Nimh Battery made the Truck easy to drive.. because it damn near ground to a halt by the end of the heat. Quali Rd 3 was better, but adding in the Lipo instead of the heavier, less powerful Nimh felt like it doubled the speed, but showed up power off over-steer. Finals were excellent fun. Dropped the body a bit and made a suspension tweak and adjusted the steering trim, so that I found my feet and started to feel competitive by the end.

2nd Truck final on the Grid, last but not unhappy!

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