Associated RC10 B6.4d

Associated RC10 B6.4d

After a season and a half with the Schumacher LD2, I got to feeling that I wasn’t suited to it. I wasn’t the only one to feel that the LD2 has a very narrow performance window, and that unless you’re very experienced, and have masses of talent that can discern a very nuanced car, you can chase your tail finding pace. The best alternative available to me is the Associated RC10 B6.4d. After a rather annoying episode of repeated Top Link Turnbuckles failing (3 over the course of 11 laps at Tiverton), I’ve made the the jump to Associated. This is very exciting for me. I’ve only owned an Associated 10th Pan Car before, and never an AE Buggy, so I’m very revved up to get out there and see how this compares.

Kindly supplied by John at RC Octane for a great price, it has a reputation for being more forgiving to drive, easier to set up and crucially, more robust than …. (OK I won’t bang on about it).

  • Guilty as Charged M’Lud
  • SW Reigional Rd 4, Tiverton – 23/7/2023

    I can’t claim today’s spiffing result was due to genius wheel-smithing or Adrian Newey like setup. I hit the weather jackpot in round 1 which flattered my overall performance quite a bit. But having stood out in the pissing rain for 20 odd summers marshalling full scale motorsport, I figure the racing gods kinda owed me this one.

    That said, the car was on point all day, I used the practice to good effect putting on a touch more rear toe in and ride height, which made it quite a sight more easy to keep the car on line so that I could take advantage of my luck. I was there with Ken Fung, who’s a tidy little peddlar, which was very pleasing.

    Qualifying – Round 1

    Race 3 – 2 WD

    15Alistair Munro12 / 328.3227.0825.98
    21Ken Fung11 / 302.6027.3526.39
    32Terry Leach11 / 320.8628.7727.68
    44Mat Mead11 / 324.7029.1027.33
    57Chris Law11 / 324.7529.3027.69
    66Ben Reed10 / 304.5830.4527.79
    73Alfie Ball10 / 330.8533.0830.89
    Quali Rd1

    Then it pissed it down!

    Anyway, Round 2 was a bit more even, but I posted a quicker time, and but kept my nerve and didn’t fiddle with the car before Round three. And just pipped Ken again. And a pretty clean run.

    Qualifying – Round 2

    Race 3 – 2 WD

    15Alistair Munro12 / 320.5926.3025.68
    21Ken Fung12 / 322.4926.5725.83
    34Mat Mead11 / 310.3527.9527.06
    46Ben Reed11 / 317.5328.4926.33
    57Chris Law11 / 323.6429.1227.57
    63Alfie Ball10 / 319.2931.9230.68
    72Terry Leach7 / 209.810.0026.58
    Round 2

    Round 3 I was the most pleasing, because despite an early mistake, I managed to make the Ballistic Greens work on a drying track. I definitely think I’ve made a step in car prep (esp. the shocks) and finding the right roll center settings. I will allow myself some credit for 13th in round.

    Qualifying – Round 3

    Race 3 – 2 WD

    11Ken Fung12 / 308.5725.5824.82
    25Alistair Munro12 / 318.8525.9125.40
    34Mat Mead11 / 302.8727.2926.36
    42Terry Leach11 / 306.7227.5125.91
    56Ben Reed11 / 318.5528.3726.96
    67Chris Law11 / 321.5328.8626.94
    73Alfie Ball10 / 306.8630.6827.74
    Round 3

    Qualifying – Round 3

    Race 3 – 2 WD

    DriverAlistair Munro
    Result12 / 318.85
    Round 3 Lap Times

    Round 4 Wasn’t too bad either, Good enough to stop me slipping out of the B into the C final.

    Qualifying – Round 4

    Race 3 – 2 WD

    11Ken Fung12 / 319.4625.9525.12
    25Alistair Munro12 / 323.7926.3925.09
    37Chris Law12 / 331.7427.0926.19
    46Ben Reed11 / 302.5027.2525.98
    52Terry Leach11 / 302.8627.2926.00
    64Mat Mead11 / 304.1527.2626.16
    73Alfie Ball11 / 333.0329.9227.18
    Round 4

    I’m quite pleased with the final as well. I dropped a couple of places, but had a cracking battle with Andy Nelson, who’s been on very good form recently. The numbers in the result don’t really tell the whole tale, I didn’t impeed anyone despite the battle with Andy, had a lot of fun, had the right tyres on, and got some very nice compliments about my performance.

    Chuffed to bits ๐Ÿ™‚

    Next week at Mendip might be a bit of a hard landing. But that doesn’t matter. I’m improving.

  • Mendip Summer Championship RD5 – 16/7/2023

    After the last, rather disasterous outing at Tivvy, A bit of a confidence builder was what I wanted out of my club championship visit to the old home track.

    I was up for being the race director as well as driving, so I left the Optima Mid at home and concentrated on 2wd.


    Qualifying – Round 1

    Nice First round. Quite impressed with Steve Pollinger and Andy Nelson’s form considering how well my car was handling. A couple of seconds here and there, and obviously a bogie on lap 9

    Race 3 – 2wd Buggy

    12Andrew Nelson13 / 311.8823.6823.40
    21Steve Pollinger13 / 319.0123.8723.42
    33Alistair Munro13 / 324.9624.3623.56
    44Chris Law13 / 329.7424.4622.82
    56John Farringdon12 / 320.0025.6224.36
    65Miles Harris11 / 317.6927.8625.17
    77Harrison Polinger8 / 293.630.0034.14
    RD1 Quali
    DriverAlistair Munro
    Result13 / 324.96
    RD 1 Lap times

    Round 2 I managed to poach a decent result out of the changing conditions. I kept the car on wet settings longer than most and that was a decent showing.

    Qualifying – Round 2

    Race 3 – 2wd Buggy

    12Andrew Nelson13 / 308.0023.1022.15
    23Alistair Munro12 / 307.9825.1323.38
    36John Farringdon12 / 310.5525.1423.65
    41Steve Pollinger12 / 314.0725.0622.99
    54Chris Law12 / 322.1425.8822.97
    65Miles Harris11 / 321.2428.1924.00
    77Harrison Polinger7 / 269.950.0035.33
    RD2 Results

    Round Three was a carbuncle, just coundn’t find a groove. Round 4 was a little better, but not enough to score better than rounds 1 or 2.


    I was happy with Heat one of the Finals, gaining a place by the end. But the other two finals were a bit spoiled by 1st lap clashes, clumsy mistakes and so on. But, the car handling was there. And with the extra time I’ll have at Tivvy to concentrate on setup to take account of what I suspect will be changing conditions, It wasn’t a bad a day as the results might suggest.

  • Tiverton Summer Championship – 09/07/2023

    Kept putting the wrong tyres on all day. Really shit performance. I’d rather do it today than at the reigional.


    Picture is Taki Inoue, because I was as bad as he was today.

  • Swindon Club Round – 2/7/2023

    Just 2wd fun today. Practice was greasy, back end fine on line, despite dry setup. Steering non existent in the shaded twisty bits. A bit more roll, silvers and an under servo weight was my first round bet.

    Heat 1 was good. More grip than anticipated. So took rear toe in down a degree to 2 and took a mil out of the front ride height. Yellows on the front so hopefully not as grabby.

    Heat 2 AAAARRRGH! Grip rolling all over the shop! Emergency roll center reduction 2mm rear 3mm front. 15mm Ride Height all round. 7mm hexes on the rear. And hope to goodness it doesn’t rain.

    Heat 3 All those changes were working. Then about 3 minutes in, a wheel fell off. Arse.

    Heat 4 I think somehow I lost a Wheel Hex Drive Pin, Which caused the wheel nut to unscrew itself. Heat 4 ended up being a just a cautious banker to get me out of the C Final. Job Done.

    Ended up scraping into the B Final, so not dreadful ๐Ÿ™‚

    Race 2 – 2wd B Final

    1Gareth Capper8220435
    2Paul Campbell7793465
    3Neale Carbis5397076
    4Steve Pollinger6957162
    5Mike Klinkenberg 22896670
    6Elliott Capper Jnr7322045
    7Alistair Munro4151788

    Leg 1 I managed to drag a few places back, despite some questionable moves from my opponents.

    Finals – Round 1

    Race 2 – 2wd – B Final

    11Gareth Capper13 / 307.9322.6020.72
    25Mike Klinkenberg 212 / 302.2824.5023.78
    33Neale Carbis12 / 304.2924.0722.81
    47Alistair Munro12 / 313.7925.3623.45
    56Elliott Capper Jnr12 / 315.0525.3823.02
    64Steve Pollinger12 / 325.6226.2223.96
    72Paul Campbell3 / 83.940.0024.31

    Getting within striking distance of Neale was quite pleasing.

    Leg 2 was even better, and the track time meant I could grab back a better result.

    Finals – Round 2

    Race 2 – 2wd – B Final

    12Paul Campbell13 / 315.9023.6823.16
    23Neale Carbis12 / 300.1624.2622.94
    37Alistair Munro12 / 327.3226.1223.55
    45Mike Klinkenberg 212 / 327.5026.2623.24
    54Steve Pollinger11 / 301.4626.6923.42
    61Gareth Capper11 / 312.4824.7821.30
    76Elliott Capper Jnr11 / 318.7626.9323.79

    So, got myself back to par really, that’ll do.

    2wd – B Final

    PosCarNameTie BreakPointsR1R2
    13Neale Carbis532
    25Mike Klinkenberg 2624
    31Gareth Capper13 / 307.93716
    47Alistair Munro12 / 327.32743
    52Paul Campbell871
    64Steve Pollinger1165
    76Elliott Capper Jnr1257
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