SW Reigional Rd 4, Tiverton – 23/7/2023

SW Reigional Rd 4, Tiverton – 23/7/2023

I can’t claim today’s spiffing result was due to genius wheel-smithing or Adrian Newey like setup. I hit the weather jackpot in round 1 which flattered my overall performance quite a bit. But having stood out in the pissing rain for 20 odd summers marshalling full scale motorsport, I figure the racing gods kinda owed me this one.

That said, the car was on point all day, I used the practice to good effect putting on a touch more rear toe in and ride height, which made it quite a sight more easy to keep the car on line so that I could take advantage of my luck. I was there with Ken Fung, who’s a tidy little peddlar, which was very pleasing.

Qualifying – Round 1

Race 3 – 2 WD

15Alistair Munro12 / 328.3227.0825.98
21Ken Fung11 / 302.6027.3526.39
32Terry Leach11 / 320.8628.7727.68
44Mat Mead11 / 324.7029.1027.33
57Chris Law11 / 324.7529.3027.69
66Ben Reed10 / 304.5830.4527.79
73Alfie Ball10 / 330.8533.0830.89
Quali Rd1

Then it pissed it down!

Anyway, Round 2 was a bit more even, but I posted a quicker time, and but kept my nerve and didn’t fiddle with the car before Round three. And just pipped Ken again. And a pretty clean run.

Qualifying – Round 2

Race 3 – 2 WD

15Alistair Munro12 / 320.5926.3025.68
21Ken Fung12 / 322.4926.5725.83
34Mat Mead11 / 310.3527.9527.06
46Ben Reed11 / 317.5328.4926.33
57Chris Law11 / 323.6429.1227.57
63Alfie Ball10 / 319.2931.9230.68
72Terry Leach7 / 209.810.0026.58
Round 2

Round 3 I was the most pleasing, because despite an early mistake, I managed to make the Ballistic Greens work on a drying track. I definitely think I’ve made a step in car prep (esp. the shocks) and finding the right roll center settings. I will allow myself some credit for 13th in round.

Qualifying – Round 3

Race 3 – 2 WD

11Ken Fung12 / 308.5725.5824.82
25Alistair Munro12 / 318.8525.9125.40
34Mat Mead11 / 302.8727.2926.36
42Terry Leach11 / 306.7227.5125.91
56Ben Reed11 / 318.5528.3726.96
67Chris Law11 / 321.5328.8626.94
73Alfie Ball10 / 306.8630.6827.74
Round 3

Qualifying – Round 3

Race 3 – 2 WD

DriverAlistair Munro
Result12 / 318.85
Round 3 Lap Times

Round 4 Wasn’t too bad either, Good enough to stop me slipping out of the B into the C final.

Qualifying – Round 4

Race 3 – 2 WD

11Ken Fung12 / 319.4625.9525.12
25Alistair Munro12 / 323.7926.3925.09
37Chris Law12 / 331.7427.0926.19
46Ben Reed11 / 302.5027.2525.98
52Terry Leach11 / 302.8627.2926.00
64Mat Mead11 / 304.1527.2626.16
73Alfie Ball11 / 333.0329.9227.18
Round 4

I’m quite pleased with the final as well. I dropped a couple of places, but had a cracking battle with Andy Nelson, who’s been on very good form recently. The numbers in the result don’t really tell the whole tale, I didn’t impeed anyone despite the battle with Andy, had a lot of fun, had the right tyres on, and got some very nice compliments about my performance.

Chuffed to bits 🙂

Next week at Mendip might be a bit of a hard landing. But that doesn’t matter. I’m improving.

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