Mendip Summer Champs Round 8 Report

Mendip Summer Champs Round 8 Report

Bit of a weird one yesterday at Mendip. Lots of grip roll in practice, so I widened the rear out to +3.0 on the hexes. Think I should have burned a set of Mini Darts, but the Mezzos were fine. Very happy to see the end of straight bump/launchpad had been fixed (Thankyou to everyone who worked hard to fix this). Went with the calmer 7.5t Hobby wing motor.

Look at this Beauty John Farringdon’s LD2 was sporting!

Despite the car feeling good, I just had a morning filled with mistakes, virtually all of them unforced, see for yourself:

Round By Round. Best 2 Rounds to Count

2wd Buggy

PosNameBestTie BreakPointsR1R2R3
1Lewis Hopkins15 / 314.030000
2Martin Owen14 / 303.604252
3Gavin Knight14 / 308.466424
4Keith Halsey14 / 305.1763314
5Martyn Hadley14 / 313.4171443
6John Pape14 / 316.04105155
7Chris Cooke13 / 300.95126613
8Nick Langdon13 / 310.281610166
9Ted Calder (J)13 / 310.73178918
10John Farringdon13 / 309.0413 / 309.041919712
11Andrew Nelson13 / 310.5513 / 310.551912127
12Dale Calder13 / 310.351911811
13Sophie Calder13 / 311.5320131010
14Kevin Greenway13 / 309.462171417
15Gary Simmons13 / 314.542216139
16James Santer13 / 312.962315188
17Wayne James13 / 311.5429181120
18Neale Carbis13 / 311.983092121
19Michael Halsey (J)13 / 319.3533171716
20Alistair Munro12 / 300.7034201915
21Oscar Mills10 / 302.3339212019
Quali results

To be honest, RD3 would have been where I should have started from on usual form. But a lot of folk were out of sorts, notably my own mentor, Neale.

All three finals were pretty much the same thing, just too many mistakes:

Finals – Round 1

Race 1 – 2wd Buggy – C Final

14Neale Carbis13 / 312.8823.1822.88
25Michael Halsey (J)13 / 322.9124.0923.04
31Gary Simmons13 / 327.9224.2522.62
42James Santer12 / 307.9925.2023.85
56Alistair Munro12 / 324.7926.2423.33
63Wayne James11 / 326.2026.6923.06
77Oscar Mills10 / 308.0830.8026.62

Finals – Round 2

Race 1 – 2wd Buggy – C Final

13Wayne James13 / 315.1423.3422.34
24Neale Carbis13 / 318.3523.5122.36
35Michael Halsey (J)13 / 321.3723.5622.73
42James Santer12 / 305.3124.2523.01
51Gary Simmons12 / 309.5324.8423.07
66Alistair Munro12 / 317.1725.7523.58
77Oscar Mills10 / 303.5530.3527.10

Finals – Round 3

Race 1 – 2wd Buggy – C Final

13Wayne James13 / 313.1223.3622.28
24Neale Carbis13 / 320.1922.9222.05
31Gary Simmons12 / 308.7624.7323.50
42James Santer12 / 311.4024.9222.99
55Michael Halsey (J)12 / 315.6325.0523.04
66Alistair Munro12 / 317.2625.6623.62
77Oscar Mills10 / 300.9430.0926.32

Even round 1 was no consolation, Wayne missed a lap because he was fixing his car (although I did enjoy donating the parts and helping him sort it).

2wd Buggy – C Final

PosCarNameTie BreakPointsR1R2R3
13Wayne James2611
24Neale Carbis3122
35Michael Halsey (J)5235
41Gary Simmons6353
52James Santer8444
66Alistair Munro11566
77Oscar Mills14777

So a day to forget on the track. But enjoyable in all other ways.

Championship wise, it was just a drop score day. I don’t think young Halsey can catch me now, A decent finish is in the bag, there are a couple of good peddlars with only 4 scores that can push me down a peg or two, but If can score one more point than Gary’s worst score next meeting, I can still pip him, which I’ll be very chuffed with.

Off Road Summer Championship 2022

Best 5 Rounds To Count. Tie Break: Countback

2wd Buggy

1Keith Halsey98%49699098100010099960
2Kevin Greenway95%481939709499098900
3Chris Cooke93%4718893919210100940
4Gary Simmons91%461929186009597830
5Alistair Munro91%461860096949194810
6Michael Halsey (J)90%455890839109695840
7James Santer90%45500890969296820
8Wayne James88%44584929093000860
9Gavin Knight99%398009900100101980
10Dale Calder94%3789699950000880
11Andrew Nelson93%3769400095940930
12Sophie Calder92%3709099940000870
13Oscar Mills84%3388185000092800
14Martin Owen99%30000101100000990
15Oli Davies95%289095969800000
16Jos Hooper94%285950097093000
17Daisy Miller84%256084810009100
18Martyn Hadley97%196101000000950
19Matthew Hodges95%19200095970000
20Dan Hurrell94%18909693000000
21Paul Rose92%18698088000000
22Bradley Satterley91%18487000097000
23Paul Curtis91%18300090930000
24Cam Pollinger90%18209092000000
25John Farringdon89%18091000000890
26Leon James (J)89%17900089090000
27Ted Calder (J)88%17700850000920
28Miles Harris87%17683000009300
29Alan Pritchard85%17208884000000
30Nigel Godber-Ford84%16908782000000
31Lewis Hopkins100%10100000001010
32Stuart Ball99%10001000000000
=33Charlie Klinkenberg97%980000980000
=33Mark Cox97%980000098000
=35Steve Ashton96%979700000000
=35Dan Harding96%970097000000
=35John Pape96%970000000970
38Ken Fung93%940940000000
39Haiden Hicks (J)91%920000920000
40Nick Langdon90%910000000910
41Terry House88%890890000000
42Todd Simmons86%870087000000
43Riley Mills85%860860000000
=44Steve Pollinger84%858500000000
=44Neale Carbis84%850000000850
46Ethan Owen (J)81%828200000000
=47Theo Gooding79%808000000000
=47Luke Harding79%800080000000
49Olivia Pritchard (J)78%790079000000

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