Mendip goes National!

Mendip goes National!

Very Chuffed to draft and issue this Press Release this morning 🙂

Press Release – BRCA 1/10th Nationals – Mendip RC Raceway – 20th & 21st May 2023

Since 1977, Mendip RC Raceway on Accomodation Road near Bleadon has been recognised as one of the best On Road Radio Controlled Racing Venues in the UK. This week, the club are very pleased and proud to announce that their Off Road track has secured an event that adds to this heritage.
On the 20th & 21st of May 2023, the Mendip Club will host it’s first ever BRCA (British Radio Car Association) 1/10th Off Road National. In recent years, the club has sought to ensure it’s long term future by adding the internationally popular 1/10th Scale, Electric Off Road or Buggy class of racing to it’s facilities. Every weekend, throughout the year, this class of racing attracts many hundreds of enthusiastic competitors to tracks all over the country, to pit their engineering and driving skills against the clock and each other. The BRCA’s National Series is the pinnacle of this racing, and the drivers at this level will demonstrate an uncanny level of skill. What is most unusual about this form of motorsport, is that the General Public are free to access the pit area, and see first hand the extraordinary attention to detail the racers have in pursuit of matching their cars to the track and conditions for ultimate speed.
The award of the National Event in May is seen very much as the recognition of years worth of work by the members of the club. As electric motor and battery technology has improved, the power and speed of the cars has increased, meaning that the tracks now have to be larger, they have to have hard wearing surfaces and a timing system has to be buried underneath parts of the track. The track also has to offer a level of challenge to race on, meaning bumps, dips, jumps, banked corners and a surface with varying levels of grip or traction. All this has to be constructed to exacting standards to be worthy of a National Event. For Mendip, this has only been possible because of its status as one of the very few permanent venues in the South West. As a not for profit venture, the club offers it’s membership not just regular racing, but year round access to the tracks for practice, testing or just fun driving. For the owners of Radio Controlled cars, it’s a massive benefit to have a safe and built for purpose place to enjoy the hobby. And the presence of the Nationals gives us added encouragement to continue improving and promoting this rare opportunity.
More details at the Club’s website or their Facebook Group

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