Friday Night @ Bristol Racers 03/11/2023

Friday Night @ Bristol Racers 03/11/2023


Armed with my new shell curtesy of Phat Bodies, the car at least looked good.

Sadly the handling was all over the shop all night. Added an extra 2 degrees of caster, tweaked as much as I could on the rear Pod. But the car was still veering all over the place like it wanted to be on Robot Wars instead of the race track.

Finally figured out that I had the Dual Rates on the transmitter at all the way up at 100%, which meant that I was going too full lock way too quickly, and that full lock was more that the car could handle. turned it down to 85%, and Bingo, a much more predictable and drivable car.

But this is motorsport, so rather predictably, the moment I’d got that sorted, the motor just packed in, bolloxing the whole thing. Twatsticks.

Anyhoo, I happen to have a motor spare, so a few minutes with the soldering iron this week will fix that, and I’ll be back with more experience under the belt and a better handling car.

And as I always say, the worst day at the track is always better than the best day at a shit job šŸ™‚ There’s always next week šŸ™‚

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